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Night Shade Academy



Night Shade Academy - Med_.jpg
Night Shade Academy - Book 1


I thought I had it all: twin sister, cute boyfriend, and magic beyond my years. Night Shade Academy should’ve been easy for me, but nothing could prepare me for the moment when I’m kicked out of my birthright House and placed with the evil witches known as the Darks—despite being born a Light.

Now, I’m stuck with a bunch of evil witches who compete in this crazy tradition where they pit the first years against each other, fighting for their place in the hierarchy at the Academy. The only rule, try not to die.

Oh, and did I mention it’s not just witches we have to contend with? There’s also Vampires and Lycans, as well.

Thanks to the help of a gorgeous Dark that I find myself a little too attracted to, I’m able to keep my ass-whoopings to a minimum, until someone pushes me too far, and I find out exactly why my magic affinity is Dark. 


NSA Book 2.jpg
Night Shade Academy - Book 2


Finding out I was a Shadow Walker was enough to send me running for the hills--or at least the asylum. But thanks to my friends, I accepted that I was a freak, one of the most evil creatures to walk the earth.

But I wouldn't let that define me.

That was until people started killing themselves, and it was up to me to try to stop whatever Demons were hiding in Night Shade Academy.

But in doing that, I had to leave the safety of NSA and seek the one thing that would ensure Orson Reeves, the original Shadow Walker, would remain exactly where he was.

Of course nothing was what it seems, and I was left reeling from so many truths.

None of which was more confronting than the moment I met my new familiar who just so happened to be the first of its kind, and could be the key to stopping Reeves once and for all.


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